Boldox is a family business started by a Veteran with 20 years experience in HVAC!


We offer simple and safe solutions for your HVAC systems before bigger issues arise.

Founded on Long Island

Our Vision

Be the brand that people rely on to solve their HVAC problems.

Our Mission

Create awareness around the importance of Preventative Maintenance and provide the tools and resources to do so.

Our Values

Integrity, Passion, and Continuous Improvement

Meet our visionary CEO, Randy Kral:

Randy Kral, CEO

I started my professional life as a tactical aircraft engineer for the United States Air Force. There, I learned the core values that cultivate a positive and productive environment. Integrity creates the foundation. Incorporating positivity, teamwork, and respect solidifies morale within the organization.

I’ve since spent the past 14 years operating my own HVAC and e-commerce businesses while also working in NYC as an excavator operator. 

This next chapter of my life is dedicated to building a tool brand that encompasses all the best tools I have used throughout my career. 

With the support of my amazing wife and two young boys, my goal is to build a great company that will last generations and leave behind a legacy for my family to be proud of. 

Meet our President, Tom Colarusso:

Tom Colarusso, President

My professional life was born from a passion for finance and filmmaking, combining into a position as a Production Accountant for hit television series from Universal, Paramount, Netflix & more. Building a story from the ground up is where my interest grew in founding a company of my own. 

I’ve known Randy for over 20 years, and his commitment to excellence in every avenue of his life led me to eagerly accept his offer to co-found Boldox. 

With a passion for problem solving, and an eye for detail in every avenue of Boldox—from finance to art design—I play an integral role in making sure our team makes the right decisions for the growth and success of our brand.

My supportive wife and our two beautiful children remain the fuel to build a better life through quality products that you can trust to fix your HVAC problems. My relationship and experiences with Randy have bonded us beyond friendship or partners to a brotherhood that contributes directly to the success of Boldox.

Boldox provides durable, reliable tools. We’re not cheaper, We’re better.